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7th September, 2021

Equipment Rental: How to Choose a Hire Company for Your Project

Construction equipment rental gives you the tools to complete a job. We identify how to choose a the right hire company for your next project. Learn more!

When it comes to hiring tools for your job, you want to make sure you choose a company that you can rely on. The reputation and future of your company relies on having the right equipment as without it, you are unable to complete the job to a high standard.

Furthermore, if tools are delayed then this will disrupt project completion as you will be waiting around for it to arrive. Not only does this cost you time, but also a lot of money, as your workers will be unable to get on with the job at hand.

This is highly frustrating as you will have to explain to your boss why the project has been pushed back. You will also have to explain the situation to the client, who will be expecting you to work towards a certain deadline.

However, by doing your research beforehand, and selecting a tool hire company that you can trust, you can focus on completing the job and ultimately impressing your clients. This will lead to a better reputation and repeat business as people will be more likely to recommend your services.

Should I Hire or Buy Tools?

Hiring your tools instead of buying them outright can save you a lot of upfront costs. If you choose a reputable hire company, they will have a vast product range to choose from which gives you access to equipment without having to make a big purchase.

Furthermore, hiring equipment eliminates the need for storage. This is a particular benefit if you’re a smaller company or working on a small site as there might not be a safe place to keep machinery. Hiring a storage unit can be expensive, and this is a cost which can be avoided. Also, a quality tool rental company will drop off and pick up your equipment when it is no longer required.

You can also choose from different sizes and types of machinery when you choose a hire company. Generally, when you’re working on a project you will need a selection of tools as you’re carrying out a variety of tasks. When you rent your machinery instead of buying it, you have the flexibility to choose from a varied range of tools to meet your specific requirements.

You also need to consider the cost of finance and insurance if you choose to buy your own equipment. Perhaps you choose to get your products on finance as you want the very best, but the price of interest will increase the overall cost. In addition, the more valuable the tools are, the higher the insurance cover, so this is something else you need to consider before making your decision.

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Who Are YardLink?

At YardLink, we are a trusted tool and plant hire company, supplying a range of businesses with the equipment they need to get the job done.

Whether you’re a construction worker, a plasterer, a commercial gardener, a decorator, or a surveyor, we have the tools you need to complete your project to a hand standard. Our product range is vast and includes everything from portable office services to mini excavators to suit your specific needs.

We understand that hiring tools can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be. We take the hassle out of the process, and connect you to a network of local suppliers so you know you’re getting the best service.

Why Did We Build YardLink?

We developed YardLink to make it easier for companies to hire the tools they need. We recognised the issues that contractors and project managers face when trying to hire equipment for different projects.

Firstly, you have to search for local plant hire companies near your job site, then call around to check for availability and compare prices. With no easy way to verify the reliability of suppliers or the quality of their equipment, you often experience problems or hidden costs along the way. Busy sites also make it difficult to get a clear picture of the equipment you have on hire, how long it’s been there for and when it’s due to be off-hire, resulting in unnecessary extra charges.

Our aim is to solve these issues by building the easiest, most convenient way for businesses to hire and manage their equipment. By creating one simple account, you can easily find, book, and pay for a range of equipment, as well as purchase short term insurance to make sure you’re covered. We handle the tasks of checking availability, coordinating delivery, and assuring the quality of suppliers, so you don’t have to.

You also get access to an online Dashboard to help track and manage your equipment, and we’ll even send you reminders when it’s time to off-hire.

Why Choose YardLink?

There are lots of reasons why you should choose YardLink when hiring equipment for your next project. We provide a simple, easy-to-use service regardless of your requirements.

  • One source for equipment – Our product range varies from small tools to large excavators and diggers so you can find everything you need in one place. This saves you time when shopping around or using different hire companies.
  • Cost effective – We’re up to 60% cheaper than traditional hire companies so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Good quality tool hire doesn’t have to be expensive!
  • Reliable – We have a trusted, local network of suppliers so you’re guaranteed the best service. We check and verify each supplier so you don’t experience any issues later down the line.
  • High availability – We have a large depot network with a wide range of kit so you’re never waiting around for equipment. This means you can complete your project with minimal disruption.
  • Transparent and open – We provide clear pricing and straightforward invoicing so that you don’t incur any unexpected fees.
  • Fast – Our tools are available for either same day or next day delivery meaning your employees won’t be wasting valuable time waiting for their kit to arrive.
  • Easy and convenient – By creating a single account you can easily browse and pay for a whole range of equipment. Most jobs rely on 4 or 5 different pieces of equipment so being able to purchase them through one central portable is very beneficial.
  • Dedicated insurance cover – We provide a short-term hire insurance policy designed to specifically cover you for damage or theft of equipment. This gives you peace of mind that you’re protected should anything happen during your hire.
  • Extraordinary service – Should you need any assistance or advice, our friendly team is on hand to answer your questions on every step of your hire. You might be unsure of what equipment you need for your project, so you can easily reach out to us by calling 0330 808 8897.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word for it …

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we’re very proud to have helped lots of companies across different industries.

Customers are at the heart of what we do, and we want to make their jobs easier. Take a look at what some of our lovely customers said about YardLink’s services.

“I was advised to try YardLink after I had called all other tool hire companies and was really frustrated that no one could provide what I needed at a timely delivery. YardLink sorted it out; really 5 stars for service. Next time my company needs plant or tools, it’s going to be yardlink.comAndrei, Gama Windows

“Great site for all of your hiring needs; it makes hiring equipment so much easier. Excellent value and excellent service. Fully recommend!”Matt, MJC Properties

“Hiring plant and tools has never been easier. We use YardLink for all our kit, from diggers to wood chippers and even site offices. Great quality equipment is always delivered on time!”Richard, Barker Brothers Construction

” For years, our project managers have found it increasingly difficult to manage the ever-changing hiring demands of their sites efficiently. Tasks include sourcing equipment from different suppliers at short notice, reporting breakdowns and tracking “downtime”, and organising delivery sequences with different companies. These used to be the most time-consuming challenges that we faced.

However, since partnering with YardLink, this daily chore has been completely removed. One call or email to our Account Manager with a request or issue is instantly dealt with regardless of the equipment type or location of the site.

Since using YardLink, we have been able to concentrate more of our efforts on meeting our deadlines and exceeding our client’s expectations!” – Mark Honbuckle, ES Global

By choosing YardLink, you can be confident you’re receiving the best possible service! Don’t compromise on your plant and tool hire; choose a company you can rely on.

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Equipment Rental: How to Choose a Hire Company for Your Project

Choosing the right tools can make or break your project. From satisfying customer expectations to maximising your profits, it’s important you choose a hire company that you can trust.

This saves you time, money, and stress further down the line as you have invested in tools that are high quality and dependable. Nothing is worse than waiting around for equipment to turn up on-site or experiencing downtime due to a fault.

By taking time to select a hire company for your project, you can mitigate potential issues from arising and concentrate on the job at hand.

At YardLink, we supply plant and tool hire for many industries and provide a cost-effective solution to your needs. Contact a member of our friendly team today and see how we can benefit your project. We’d love to help!


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