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7th August, 2023

How Geo Green Power Reduced Their Supply Chain Emissions With YardLink’s Local Supplier Network

Learn how Geo Green Power reduced their supply chain emissions with YardLink's local supplier network.

Can you give us an introduction to Geo Green Power?

Established in 2010, Geo Green Power has become one of the UK’s leading renewable energy installers, completing over 1 million watts of solar PV systems every month. Initially focused on solar photovoltaic (PV) installations for private homes and businesses, Geo Green Power has grown its product offering to provide a full range of renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, EV charging and heat pump installations.

What procurement challenges did you face before working with YardLink?

We do not operate a one size fits all solution and every one of our projects is designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers in relation to their energy usage and premises. This creates a big procurement challenge for us, because every installation has a unique set of access requirements and we need to source a different combination of plant machinery. 

Often the equipment is needed quickly, and because the nature of our work can be disrupted by the weather, our installation windows are forever changing.

What was your approach to finding suppliers?

We would always approach trusted suppliers from our network, and aim to source the required plant machinery and access equipment using as few suppliers as possible. Although we’d often find that suppliers were limited by their geography or availability, causing us to reach out to multiple suppliers to procure the equipment.

How did this affect Geo Green Power?

Sourcing each item independently, and coordinating unpredictable changes across multiple suppliers was incredibly time consuming and challenging for the team. It also meant we were reliant on a wider number of suppliers being able to fulfil their commitments in relation to delivery times and availability.

Geo Green Power - Employee

Why did you choose to start working with YardLink? 

The option of approaching a single company, who can facilitate all our procurement needs with the suppliers we already love and trust, was very attractive to us. 

We’re also committed to reducing our impact on the environment and it’s important to us that our suppliers are also focusing on sustainability within their operations. We were really drawn to YardLink’s commitment to guaranteeing availability in the locality of our projects, helping us to reduce our supply chain emissions.

How has YardLink helped you overcome your procurement challenges?

YardLink has simplified and smoothed the process of booking plant and access equipment for our various installation projects. They save us so much time and having a single point of contact for our bookings makes it easy to coordinate, raise queries and get issues resolved.


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