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20th July, 2021

Portable Office Services That Don’t Compromise Site Safety

Regardless of where your project is, office space is essential to allow both workers & visitors on-site. Temporary office space is a cost effective & secure solution.

When you’re working in construction, you’ll most likely be moving around different sites to complete projects.

Regardless of where the project is located, you’ll need to have an office space where you can conduct meetings, complete paperwork, and stay on top of the project. Many construction projects can take months or even years to complete, meaning supervisors and employees are away from the main building for extended periods of time.

Having an onsite office is especially important for a project manager as it allows them to go over plans and oversee the project first hand. Rather than feeling disconnected, they can be present on site and ensure everything is running smoothly.

As well having to accommodate for the needs of on-site managers and workers, facilities should also accommodate clients and visitors. This includes providing toilets, showers, hospitality areas, changing rooms, and offices.

One option is to build a temporary office on your construction site, but this is time consuming and costly. The alternative? Portable office services.

Why are Portable Offices Important?

Every construction project requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that it goes smoothly. Having an office space is a vital part of this as this is the place where workers go when they arrive on site and also where visitors first report to.

In addition, site meetings often take place here too so it’s important that your office is equipped with everything you need for all tasks.

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Benefits of Using Portable Office Services

These facilities provide everything you need and are hugely useful to you and your team. As well as being safe and secure, they are also a more cost effective option. Let’s explore some of the other benefits…


Making changes to a permanent structure is very difficult, meaning you’re stuck with the existing layout. For example, if you wanted to expand you would need to knock down walls and move piping which is time consuming and costly.

However, portable offices are designed to be modified allowing you to easily add an extension or relocate the entire structure if necessary. This is a very useful feature as construction sites are always changing so you may need to move the office to a new part of the site. You can also stack portable offices and add a staircase to allow workers access to upper floors. This not only gives you more facilities but also conserves space on the ground.

Furthermore, portable offices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles allowing you to choose the best one for the needs of your project.

Cost Effective

When working in construction, keeping on top of your budget is key. Where possible, you should try and reduce your expenditure, particularly in areas where there are effective alternatives. Compared to building a permanent structure, portable offices are a much cheaper option as you’re not building from scratch.

This also saves you from having to pay your workers to build the structure as a portable office can be set up in much less time. This allows your workers to get on with the job at hand, rather than taking time out of their day.

Good Quality

People might fall under the misconception that portable buildings are low quality as they can be easily constructed. However, this isn’t the case at all. Temporary structures are made using high quality materials and are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.

Portable office cabins are made from high quality materials. This is done to ensure that the functionality has been increased, whilst also providing workers with a safer working environment.

Building of these cabins is done under the invigilation of an expert building inspector so you can be reassured they are robust and meet certain regulations.

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A lot of portable containers are made from steel and come equipped with safety features such as lockable doors and anti-vandal protection. As a result, this gives you total peace of mind that you have sturdy structure in place and that any equipment inside is secure.

This is essential for any construction manager as there could be valuable tools stored inside the office space. Construction sites can be vulnerable to break ins and theft so it’s good to know you have a structure you can trust.


A portable structure can be modified with additional extras to provide more functionality. For example you might choose to add a stainless steel sink, worktops, a kitchen, and air conditioning. Making sure the space meets your requirements is key, as you will mostly likely be conducting meetings here and welcoming clients.

As a result, despite the office being temporary, it should still be comfortable and include the necessary facilities. Having the flexibility to customise the space is a huge advantage for any business especially if you’re working in a remote location and need facilities readily available.

Time Saving

Constructing a portable building is much quicker than building a permanent structure and requires a lot less materials. Once they reach your location, they can easily be assembled which saves you time, money, and resources. This allows you to focus on tasks related to the project rather than focusing your efforts on building an office space from scratch.

Furthermore, you might need office space quickly as the business might have expanded more than you initially expected. As portable offices are quick to install, they provide you with the premises you need at short notice.

Another advantage is that the temporary structure can easily be dismantled once the project is complete. You don’t need to worry about knocking down walls as the different components can easily be lifted apart. The structure can then be moved to a different project or another location with minimal stress or hassle.

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Eco Friendly

Construction sites use a lot of different materials which means they dispose of large amounts of waste. To contribute to a more sustainable planet, it’s important this industry recognises the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

In contrast to a permanent structure, portable facilities are much more environmentally friendly. Firstly, construction time is much lower meaning less environmental pollution is produced. Furthermore, when designing a portable office, materials are pre-measured to ensure no construction waste is produced.

Also, portable offices are almost 100% reusable as they can be repurposed for a number of different projects. This helps construction sites reduce their amount of waste as they are putting this structure to good use instead of discarding it.

Due to their size and design, portable offices are energy-efficient and retain heat in the winter months. As a result, they don’t require much heating, which reduces energy usage and also saves the business money.

Different Portable Facilities

There are a range of portable office facilities available to allow construction managers to make the site comfortable and accessible.

As we’ve discussed, temporary facilities need to fulfil many different requirements as they could be relied upon for long periods of time. Furthermore, they need to be able to accommodate both workers and visitors alike who might be spending months or even years on a project.

Moreover, if a project is in a remote location, it will need to have all of the necessary facilities on site to accommodate workers throughout the entirety of their shift. It’s vital these facilities are welcoming and serve their purpose as this ensures a project runs smoothly.

In addition, if clients are visiting the site you will have expectations to meet. They will need somewhere warm and comfortable to sit, as well as having access to a kitchen and toilet.

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Portable Toilets

Portable toilet units can be placed in a suitable area in any location making them a great option for construction and development sites. They provide a quick and easy solution to sanitation needs and are used across sites globally.

As well as ensuring proper hygiene and sanitation on site, these units also take up very little space. This makes them convenient for any construction site as you can decide how much space you want to allocate and where they will be placed.

At YardLink, we offer a range of portable toilet options to suit your requirements. We also include a weekly service in the price of rental to ensure correct maintenance. This is an ideal option for locations where power supply is not available.

Portable Office

Portable office space is an essential part of any construction project as it supports the day to day running of the site. From providing a space to make phone calls, to conducting meetings, to filing paperwork, these structures provide necessary accommodation.

Many project managers are field based so they can work closely with their team and oversee the entire project. This helps them stay up to date with any changes which might affect the budget or deadline. Having close contact with the project also helps them manage client expectations as they get a full view of the progress.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the temporary office might need to accommodate several teams including engineers and the commercial team. Therefore, sufficient workspace is needed.

Having a safe and secure office is key. At YardLink, we provide a range of office units to accommodate the needs of you and your workers. Our offices are available in different sizes to suit the needs of your project and all units have anti-vandal protection and lockable doors.

Inside, the floor is covered in anti-slip material and there is a heater ensuring a comfortable environment for your team during winter months.

Portable Canteen

On any construction project, workers need to take a break! Whether it’s being able to make a cup of tea, refill their water bottle, or have their lunch, these areas are essential to their health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, it’s important they have somewhere to rest during their shift as working on a construction site can involve heavy, manual labour. Without a canteen or rest area, workers could experience severe exhaustion.

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure workers are happy and comfortable. In turn, this boosts productivity and ensures good morale on site.

Our range of canteen units have anti-vandal protection and lockable doors to keep them safe and secure when unoccupied. The facility also includes a stainless steel sink, storage cupboards, and a spacious room with a table and seating area.

To find out more, give us a call or send us an enquiry!

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Welfare Unit

These units are quick to install, flexible and secure. At Yardlink, we offer a whole host of options from static welfare units to mobile options to provide your team with what they need. And, with a variety of sizes available you can choose the unit which best suits your budget and capacity.

You can stack accommodation units to save space on the ground by using our staircases which allow easy access to upper floors.

We also offer a Welfare van which comes equipped with a toilet, kitchen, and seating area so you can be sure your workers are comfortable during their break time. A huge advantage of this option is being able to easily move it around the site so you can park it up in a location that is most convenient.

How YardLink Can Help

With a trusted network of local suppliers, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service. And what’s more, all of our services are up to 60% cheaper so you’re guaranteed a good rate.

Our site accommodation hire solutions are a cost-effective way of helping you and your team stay warm and dry on site. Regardless of the project we have something to suit your requirements.

As well as the options above, our products also include secure stores where you can keep your tools safe and a hydro boiler for maximum convenience. Take a look at our site hire equipment options to keep your workers safe and happy.

Also with next day delivery, there’s no waiting around for the equipment to arrive, meaning your project will stay on track and meet its deadline.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today by either giving us a call or sending us an enquiry. We’d love to help!

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Portable Office Services That Don’t Compromise Site Safety

Working in construction often means working across several different sites. It can involve spending large amounts of time away from your main office, and sometimes working in locations which are quite remote.

Regardless of the location, your construction site needs to be safe, and it needs to accommodate both workers and visitors. The best way to ensure this, is to hire portable office services.

From comfortable office spaces to portable toilets, these units allow your team to be safe and happy during their shift. As a construction manager, it also allows you to complete necessary paperwork and conduct important meetings protected from the elements.

These pieces of equipment are vital to ensure the overall project runs smoothly and your team has everything they need readily available on site. Speak to YardLink today to find out how our site equipment options can work for you!


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