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14th April, 2020

Everything you need to know about welfare units

Looking for more information about welfare units? Read about mobile welfare unit hire for your next onsite job.

If you’re starting a large, long-term project on an outdoor site, then you should consider site welfare unit hire before you begin.

Whether you’re working on a construction site, undertaking some roadworks, starting a building project or working on another company’s premises, a welfare unit can help you and your team tackle the elements and complete your job comfortably. Let’s take a look at the options available and consider which mobile welfare unit hire solutions are the best in certain scenarios.

Why Should I Use a Site Welfare Unit?

A site welfare unit is the ideal solution if you and your employees are working on a site where there is no mains power, water or drainage. By providing your staff with welfare facilities, you can ensure that you can comply with health, safety and welfare regulations.

But, as well as ensuring that you’re compliant with legislation, site welfare units can also help keep your staff happy and healthy. The welfare unit allows them to stay dry on rainy days and warm in the colder months. This can also help keep staff morale high, so you can complete jobs quicker.

Plus, as a site manager, a site welfare unit is a great place for you to get your work done. You can use it to hold team meetings and debriefs, and you can also use the space to show plans and keep paperwork dry.

What Types of Welfare Unit are Available?

At YardLink, we understand that the type of welfare unit you require will depend on the project you’re undertaking and the site you’re working on. This is why we stock a wide range of options, including:

Welfare Units

Our welfare unit hire solution can fit up to eight people, so you can easily accommodate the whole team. It’s a safe and secure space too, because it comes with lockable doors. Because of this, you can use it to hold all of your valuables overnight. Inside, the floor is covered in anti-slip material, which is very useful on those cold and wet days where your team are covered in mucky gear.

Office Units

Need a place where you can get all your paperwork done while you’re on site? Consider our office unit hire solutions.

Our office units come in a range of sizes, so you can hire a unit that best suits the size of your team. Inside, you’ll find flooring that’s covered in anti-slip material and a heater that can help keep every member of your team warm.

These office units for hire also come with a range of security features, including anti-vandal protection and lockable doors.

Canteen Units

A well fed team is a happy team. Our canteen units come in a range of sizes and they allow you to keep everyone warm, dry and fed. There’s a heater to ensure a comfortable environment in the cold weather and the unit also comes with everything your team need to enjoy a comfortable lunch, including a stainless steel sink, storage cupboards and a room with tables and seating.

Secure Stores

When you’re working on a site for a long period, it’s ideal if you and your team can store your tools safely overnight. After all, this saves you precious time, as it means that there’s no need to continually load and unload tools in the morning and the evening.

Our 10-foot anti-vandal secure store is ideal for anyone looking to keep materials, tools and machinery safe on site. Each store comes with a lockbox and a high-security padlock. If you’re searching for something even larger for your construction project, then we also offer a 20-foot anti-vandal secure store.

Mobile Welfare Unit Hire from YardLink

No matter which site welfare unit hire you’re searching for, we can help. At YardLink, we have a great number of mobile welfare unit hire solutions available, and we may even be able to deliver your desired unit on the very same day.

If you’re searching for welfare unit hire solutions and would like to know more about costs, then please call us and speak to a friendly member of the team. We’d love to help provide you with the perfect solution for your needs.


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