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15th April, 2020

Everything you need to know about dumper hire

Find everything you need to know about hiring dumpers for your next job, including information about mini dumper hire and tracked dumper hire.

If you’re carrying out a large-scale building project, you’ll know that making the job efficient and cost effective is a priority. If this is the case for you, then you’ll know that digger and dumper hire makes a big difference to how quickly you can complete your projects. After all, dumper hire can help make waste removal easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to move bricks, hardcore, soil or rubble into a skip, a dumper can help. With a dumper, there’s no need for you or your team to carry heavy loads, so you can minimise the need for manual labour. By using a motorised vehicle to move your rubbish, you can also save energy and time, so it’s easier and quicker to complete removal jobs. Plus, you can even choose between dumpers that fit down narrow alleys and large dumpers that allow you to transport even the heaviest loads.

Which Dumper is Right for My Project?

Mini Dumper Hire

Mini dumpers are easy to operate when space is at a premium. This is because they’re a compact size and they have a tight turning circle. In the cabin, mini dumpers usually feature adjustable seating, simple controls and large pedals, so they’re easy and comfortable to work from.

Mini dumpers are also easy to move around your site. One lever will control the movement of the dumper and the four-wheel-drive system means it’s easy for the operator to move the vehicle from A to B. If you like, you can also attach road lights and get road insurance so you can take your mini dumper on open roads.

If you’re working on a particularly small and confined site, then 1 ton dumper hire is a great solution. Although this is the smallest of our available dumpers, it still has a load capacity of 1,000kg. Plus, thanks to its high-tip style, it’s easy to place your waste directly into a skip.

If you need a dumper with a larger capacity because you’re carrying out a big job, then a 3 ton dumper hire may be more appropriate for your needs.

At YardLink, we have a great range of mini dumper hire options available, including mini tracked dumpers that can fit through doorways and motorised wheelbarrows that are great for smaller projects. If you’re unsure which is right for you, call us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team would love to help.

Large Dumper Hire

Sometimes, a large job requires a large dumper. This is where our 6 ton dumper hire option can help you. It has a load capacity of 6,000kg and is the perfect solution on larger sites. Thanks to its four-wheel-drive ability, it’s also great on muddy sites or rough ground. Plus, the tip is hydraulic, so it’s easy to dump your load.

This dumper is a great choice if you’re working with a large excavator and need to move large volumes of aggregate and waste. Due to its large load capacity, it also offers increased productivity, with less turning and reversing required for you to deposit contents into the skip. As you don’t need to make as many trips, you can also prevent damage to the ground on your site, which is particularly useful if the ground is in poor condition.

Dumper Hire from YardLink

If you’ve found yourself searching for ‘dumper hire near me’ and you’re unsure where to begin, then look no further than right here at YardLink. We make it easy, quick and convenient for you to hire the dumpers you need for your job, and the high availability of our machinery means that you can get the tools you need quickly.

Whether you’re looking for tracked dumper hire, swivel dumper hire or high tip dumper hire, you can book the equipment you need online today. Plus, if you’re searching for mini dumper hire in London, then you could even have your dumper delivered on the very same day when you book with us.

Unsure which dumper hire option is best for you? Call us and speak to a friendly team member to learn more and receive a full quotation.


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