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13th April, 2020

Everything you need to know about different breakers for hire

Learn everything you need to know about hiring breakers for your next job, including details about breaker drill hire and heavy duty breaker hire.

Working with hard materials that you’re struggling to break through? Well, a breaker could be the perfect tool for your needs.

Whether you’re digging up a path, a driveway or a road, you’re likely to be working with tough materials that could take you days to break down manually. Plus, not only can this process be time consuming, but it can be bad for your body, as the vibrations and the stress caused by the constant impact can create problems with your muscles and joints.

But, if you instead opt for breaker hire to help you complete the job, not only will you break through the items far quicker, but your joints will thank you, too. This is because breaker drills often come with anti-vibration handles that can reduce the impact on your joints and allow you to work safely for longer.

The right breaker for your job will depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at which breaker is best suited to your project.

Which Type of Breaker is Best for Me?

Breakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and power options, so there’s sure to be a product for you in our range, which includes concrete breakers, hydraulic breakers, electric breakers and petrol breakers.

Hydraulic Breakers for Hire

Our hydraulic breaker hire options offer an incredibly high level of performance and they’re very easy to use. They’re also more than capable of breaking concrete, paths, patios, driveways and slabs.

Generally speaking, hydraulic breakers are the most powerful breakers available. They’re powered by a petrol pack that can be moved into any position and they’re much quieter than other models, so they’re sometimes the preferred choice of people working in residential areas.

Electric Breakers for Hire

An electric breaker is the ideal tool to use on a site where you don’t store fuel or you have access problems. These breakers provide impressive hammering power and the brushless motor helps provide a longer life. As they don’t require fuel, they’re also simple to set up and use.

Electric breaker hire is a great solution if you’re carrying out any demolition work. Whether you’re breaking down slabs of concrete, breaking up asphalt from roads or laying pipes, this tough and versatile tool is more than up to the challenge.

Petrol Breakers for Hire

If you’re working on a heavy-duty job in a place where power cables and air lines are not convenient, then petrol breakers are the ideal tool. They’re great for roadworks, or large-scale contracts where you need consistent power. Our petrol breaker hire options have a hammering frequency of 1500-2100 impacts per minute. So, as well as helping you complete the tough jobs, they can help you get them done quickly, too.

Concrete Breakers for Hire

Breaking up concrete has never been easier with our range of concrete breaker hire solutions. With light, medium and heavy duty options available, you’ll have no problem finding a tool that will help you break through concrete, asphalt, floors, roads or even brickwork.

Breaker Drill Hire from YardLink

At YardLink, we make breaker tool hire simple. Whether you’re searching for heavy duty breaker hire, petrol breaker hire or just something that can help you blast through some brickwork, we can help.

We have a wide range of breakers available, so it’s simple to hire the tools you need. Our excellent availability also means you can get the tools you need when you need them.

Plus, if you’re searching for breaker hire in London, then we may be able to get your breaker to you on the very same day. You can either book your tool online or call our friendly, helpful team to learn more about the options available to you.


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