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10th August, 2021

Benefits Of Using Portable Lighting

Having a sufficient source of lighting is key for a workers health and safety. We explore the different uses and benefits of portable lighting. Find out more!

When you’re working on a project, having lighting is key. This not only enables you to get the job done but also ensures you, and those around you, are kept safe. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, you need visibility in order to locate pieces of equipment and complete different tasks.

Especially in the winter months, there are less hours of daylight meaning you need lighting to support your normal hours of working. Also if you’re operating somewhere remote or working on a project which isn’t yet finished, there won’t be a mains supply for electricity.

With portable lighting, you can take it with you regardless of your location. In this blog post we’ll identify the benefits of using portable lighting and how YardLink can serve this demand to ensure you have the right equipment for your next project.

Why is Lighting Important?

Without lighting, you are unable to complete your job, whether you work in construction, decorating, plastering, or any other sector. Also a lot of jobs are completed overnight, making the role of lighting even more important. The reason for working overnight is to cause as little disruption to the public as possible and also enables teams to complete projects quicker.

However, accidents and injuries are much more likely to happen in the dark, meaning workers need to ensure they have the right equipment at hand. It can be very unsettling and dangerous for workers to be out on a night on their own, especially if they’re operating in low lit conditions.

Sufficient lighting is an integral part of ensuring a workers safety and reduces the risk of potential hazards. The quicker a worker can spot a hazard, the more likely it can be avoided. This means their safety isn’t compromised and also reduces the possibility of any down time as there will be less absences due to injury.

It’s also important to have good quality lighting which is neither too bright nor too dull, as this could damage a workers eyesight. Especially if they’re relying on artificial lighting for long periods of time, it’s important their vision is not hindered as this can lead to increased fatigue and headaches.

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Who Uses Portable Lighting?

Although people might think of portable lighting just for the construction industry, they are handy pieces of equipment which are very versatile. For example, they can be used for various mining projects as they provide illumination for mining holes. Furthermore, they are used in the construction of tunnels where there is no supply of natural light.

In addition, plasterers and general decorators rely on good lighting to complete jobs to a high standard and ensure customer satisfaction. This is important for any business as you can be confident you have finished a job to a high standard. At YardLink, our plasterers light offers broad, near shadow free illumination.

Another industry which relies on portable lighting is events. Whether it’s lighting for walkways, carparks, general area lighting, or for the construction and deconstruction of marquees, this is essential for worker and public safety. At YardLink, our Festoon lights are suitable for low-level lighting on jobsites or for events. They can be strung along scaffolding, trees or fencing to provide reliable and bright illumination. They are also easy to install, operate and store.

Benefits of Portable Lighting

When you’re working on a project, you don’t always have access to a main source of electricity. For example, if you’re working in a remote location or a building site, then portable lighting might be your only option.

There are many benefits to using portable lighting which we’ll explore in more detail below.


As the name suggests, these lights can be taken anywhere to meet the needs of your project. This means you’re not restricted in terms of where you can work which broadens your options as you can work in different locations.

You’re not limited to only being able to work in certain areas but can be a lot more flexible with your offering. In addition, many portable lighting solutions come complete with wheels meaning they can easily be transported from one place to another.

This makes them an ideal solution for various building work and decorating jobs as you can move the light around as and when you need to.

They are also relatively lightweight, making it easy for you to push them about on site even if you’re working independently. This reduces the need for more man power, whilst still providing an effective and efficient lighting solution.

Easy Set Up

Portable lights are incredibly easy to set up and therefore won’t take much time out of your working day. This allows you to put the light in place and then continue with your other jobs. You don’t need any special equipment or training and should follow the step-by-step instructions.

For any project, you shouldn’t be wasting valuable time setting up pieces of equipment as this could push back important deadlines and distract you from your job.

Also, with YardLink’s next day UK delivery, your lighting will be up and running in next to no time allowing you to fully concentrate on the project at hand.

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Powerful Lighting Coverage

Portable lighting is very powerful and doesn’t take much time to reach its full intensity. They instantly provide a light to the area while the primary fixtures warm up. They also help to eliminate “dark spots” and provide an even coverage of illumination. This is essential when carrying out a job as workers need to be able to see the site in full view.

Having any ‘dark spots’ or a glare could be very dangerous as workers might miss potential hazards when carrying out their job. It can also be a distraction which could lead to further risks as workers need to be able to concentrate on the job at hand.

Low Noise

Any worksite located near a public space or residential area must be aware of noise levels. Especially if you’re working during the night then you need to take into consideration the people living around you.

Tower lights need to comply with sound regulations in order to avoid causing any disturbance to the surrounding area. At YardLink, our portable lights feature a low sound level meaning they are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used in city centre construction sites but also for public events and festivals.

Source of power

One of the most convenient benefits of using portable tower lights is that they come complete with a built-in generator. This provides a strategic power source across sites, and is a more efficient use of power than having to employ additional, separate generators.

At YardLink, our mobile tower lights come with their own generator to provide a powerful lighting solution for different job sites. This tower light is available in heights of 5m and 9m, and rotates 360 degrees to give you full scope of any location. The low sound level makes the light tower extremely versatile. It’s an ideal solution for illuminating general job sites, concrete pours, parking lots and events.

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Wide Range of Applications

Regardless of the project, portable lighting is essential. Whether you work in construction, roadside maintenance, railway, events, or festivals you will still need sufficient lighting. Furthermore, these mobile lights are durable and robust meaning they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

They can also be used in different weather conditions which gives you peace of mind if you’re working outdoors or during winter months. You have full flexibility about where to position them and they can be moved over difficult terrains. This is ideal if you’re working on a construction site or an area with uneven ground.

Portable lights provide a versatile and practical solution to your lighting needs regardless of your business needs.

Efficient Lighting

Rather than using chemicals, glass or filaments to produce light, LED lights utilise chips. These consume up to 40% less energy when compared to traditional lighting towers. Furthermore, LED lighting usually achieves 80% efficiency, which is 30% more than traditional metal halide, meaning it requires less power to run the lighting towers. Therefore, if you’re using a generator you’ll save more fuel and more money.

LED lighting also lasts much longer than traditional light forms. Metal halide will usually last around 10,000 hours whereas you can enjoy up to 30,000 hours from your LED lighting. This makes them an even more cost effective option as they won’t need to be replaced as often.

Furthermore, it is also a more environmentally friendly option, with LED lighting emitting lower levels of carbon than their metal halide counterparts.

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Why Choose YardLink for your Portable Lighting?

We know hiring equipment for your project can be a hassle. But, it shouldn’t be.

At YardLink, we make hiring equipment fast, simple and cost-effective. By creating a single account, we instantly connect you to a network of trusted, local plant hire companies, helping you get the equipment you need on site, on time, and always at a fair rate. In fact we’re up to 60% cheaper than traditional hire companies!

You want to hire equipment you know you can trust as this gives you confidence it will perform throughout the duration of your project. From a plasterer’s light to a floodlight, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

We also supply fuel tanks, generators, plugs and extensions, and transformers so you have every piece of equipment you could need. Explore our full range of lighting solutions or give us a call and speak to a member of the YardLink team!

Benefits of Using Portable Lighting

When you’re working on a project, having a sufficient source of lighting is key. Regardless of the industry you operate in, working in low lit conditions can be very hazardous and compromises the health and safety of everyone on site.

Due to the nature of different projects, traditional forms of lighting might not always be accessible. For example, carrying out maintenance on a railway track or working on a new building. You also can’t rely on natural daylight as during winter months this is very limited. Lots of industries also work through during the night, which makes the need for lighting even more important.

Portable lighting is an ideal solution as it’s powerful, flexible, versatile, and easily transportable. This means no matter where you’re based, you will still be able to carry out your job safely. It’s important employees and managers understand the importance of this, and ensure each member of staff is equipped with the correct equipment before they start working.

If you need portable lighting equipment for your project then you can easily set up your account with YardLink today and order online. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our friendly team to discuss your requirements.


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