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21st April, 2020

Learn about diggers, mini diggers & excavators

Learn about Diggers, Mini Diggers and Excavators, so that choose the right equipment for your next hire. Read on here.

The benefits of using diggers, mini diggers and excavators are vast and varied. Whether you’re working on a small and compact site or you’re working in a large space, the size and convenience of diggers means that they’re suitable for almost every possible excavation job.

So, if you’re planning a project where you need to move a large quantity of soil, then a digger or an excavator can help prevent the need for manual labour. This means that, if you’re planning to build an extension with foundations, dig a pond or landscape a garden, mini digger hire can help to save you time and money, as you can complete your project far quicker.

Why Choose a Mini Digger Over a Full-Sized Digger?

A full-sized digger can provide you with unrivalled excavation power. But, unless you’re building and excavating on an industrial scale, then you’ll likely be paying for power that you do not require. Plus, due to the size of the machine, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get it on your site and use it effectively.

If you instead opt for micro digger hire, you’ll be able to access even the smallest spaces. The micro digger’s more compact size means you can drive the machine through alleys and use it easily in gardens.

Plus, if you’re not a fully trained operator, you’ll find that a mini digger is far simpler and easier to use than a large digger. Plus, by comparison, the noise levels will also be reduced, so they’re an ideal solution in residential areas where you want to keep disruption to a minimum.

Which Mini Digger is Right for Me?

1.5 Ton

If you’re only carrying out a small project, then you may find that 1.5 ton digger hire is the perfect solution. Our 1.5 ton diggers are tough, robust and reliable machines that can easily carry out small to medium-sized excavating projects. They have a powerful digging force and a wider working range, so they’re ideal for digging foundations, digging up driveways and landscaping gardens.

3 Ton

If you’re taking on a larger job that requires more digging power, then 3 ton digger hire may be a better option for you. It makes landscaping and clearance work simple thanks to its powerful yet compact design. Whether you’re moving large volumes of earth or have a big digging job to carry out, this 3 ton mini digger is ideal.

5 Ton

Alternatively, if you’re taking on a large-scale project, then a 5 ton digger hire might be the best option. It’s capable of taking on any challenge because it combines the power for demanding jobs with the versatility to work in any condition

Can I Customise my Mini Digger or Excavator?

Most diggers come with a bucket attachment, which is perfect for excavating. But, you can also hire versatile digger attachments to help you complete your task.

So, if you need help removing a tree, a rock or another object, then there’s no need to hire multiple pieces of machinery. Instead, you can simply hire an attachment to help you get the job done.

We can also provide three different bucket sizes at any one time and you can specify the buckets you’d like when you book.

How Do I Find Mini Digger Hire Near Me?

At YardLink, we offer cheap mini digger hire solutions that help you get the job done quickly and easily. Whether you’re searching for a small digger hire or something larger, we can help you find the right piece of equipment. Plus, we may even be able to deliver it on the very same day.

To learn more about mini digger hire cost and prices, simply select the digger you would like and read the product page. For a full quotation for digger hire cost, call us and speak to a friendly team member. We’d love to hear from you.


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