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22nd April, 2020

Everything you need to know about portable toilet hire

Looking for information about portable toilet hire? Read all the essential information on the different types of portable toilets to hire. Find out more.

Getting your site fully kitted out with portable toilets can make a big difference to the health and welfare of your workers. Whether you’re a builder, a tradesman, a developer or a contractor, we can help you with portable toilet hire solutions that can keep your workers happy and keep you compliant with health and safety legislation.

Which Portable Toilet Hire Solution is Best for Me?

The best form of portable toilet hire for you will largely depend on the site you’re working on. If you’re working somewhere remote without power, then a chemical toilet that doesn’t require a mains connection will be best for you. But, if you require a warm water supply to help you meet health and safety requirements, then you may need a toilet with wash facilities. Here, we cover each of your options in greater detail, so you can make an informed choice before you hire a portaloo.

Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are common in construction and development sites where a power supply is not available.

A chemical toilet is the number one choice of independent builders and small to medium-sized construction firms. This is because it’s highly convenient for use on a building site without power or on a construction job.

Each chemical toilet is suitable for a maximum of 7 operatives working a 40-hour week as recommended by the HSE. If you require a basin with cold water wash, then this can also be supplied. Please specify this before you book.

Mains Connected Toilets

If mains drainage is available on your site, then we can provide you with a mains connected toilet. This toilet is ideal if you have access to a 240v power supply and mains pressure water.

Water temperature with this toilet is 40-43°C and, because of the water and mains waste collection, there’s no need for regular waste disposal.

Please note that, if you hire these toilets, you (or a qualified plumber) will be responsible for connecting the unit to the sewerage.

Toilets with Wash Facilities

Our toilets with hot water facilities are very useful for helping you comply with health and safety legislation. This is particularly important if you have no means of accessing hot, cold or warm water in the immediate vicinity of your portable toilet facilities.

We offer a 240v portable toilet. This comes with hot hand wash facilities, which are a great benefit for your team during their work.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Portable Toilets?

How much it costs to hire portable toilets will depend on the number of toilets you require, the type of toilet you’d like for your site and the duration of the hire. Plus, if you like, you can also have insurance included with your portable toilet at an additional cost.

At YardLink, all of our portable toilet hire prices are highly competitive and all of our toilets come with a weekly service included in the price, so you can rest assured that your toilets will always be in tip top condition. The weekly cost of hiring a standard chemical toilet is only £25, and all of our portaloos can be hired for a minimum of four weeks.

We also understand that you’ll probably want portable loo hire for the long term, which is why we keep the cost for additional days as low as we possibly can. For a full quotation, please call us and speak to a friendly team member about your options.

If you choose YardLink for your portable loo hire needs, then we can get you the portaloos you require quickly. If you book your toilet online, then you may even be able to have your portable toilets delivered on the very same day. Alternatively, call our friendly and knowledgeable team to learn more about our portaloo hire solutions.


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