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Damage Waiver - YardLink Protect


YardLink Protect is our industry leading Damage Waiver product, specifically designed to protect our customers from charges under the hiring conditions that may arise in the event of damage, loss or theft of equipment whilst on hire. Customers are not obliged to take out this damage waiver but every hirer is required to have suitable insurance in its place before any plant or equipment may be hired from YardLink.

How it Works

Our Damage Waiver is competitively priced at 20% of the overall hire rate of equipment on hire. Where a customer has opted to pay for the Damage Waiver, YardLink will waive any cost of repairing accidentally damaged equipment and/or any cost for loss or theft of the equipment up to a value of £250,000, less an initial excess charge. Any loss above £250,000 will be the customer’s responsibility.

The customer shall always be liable for the first £1,000 of any loss of or damage to hired equipment.

In order to qualify for the protection provided by our Damage Waiver, the customer must also:

(i) be able to demonstrate that reasonable care had been taken to prevent loss;

(ii) report any theft of equipment to the Police and obtain a crime reference number; and notify YardLink within 48 hours of the theft being discovered.

Further Details

For further details of YardLink Protect please see our Damage Waiver documentation for more information.

For more information on YardLink Protect, please get in touch by calling 020 3642 5223 or email