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Adjustable Fin Lifter

Adjustable Fin Lifter


There are few on-site moments as tense as when glass needs moving. Well, you can breathe easy with our wide range of glass handling equipment. From glazing robots to glass vacuum lifters, we’ll find a glass lifting hire solution you can trust, alongside all the safety accessories you could need, like glazing slings, trolleys, and vacuum cups. Whatever the weight, size and end-destination of glass, let’s talk about how we can sort your glass handling equipment hire, in minutes. Wherever you are in the country we’ve got a trusted local supplier waiting to deliver within 24-hours.

Indicative Specifications

  • Manual 210° lockable rotation Remote tilting from vertical to horizontal Dual, independent vacuum circuits with four vacuum reserve tanks and four non
  • return valves Vacuum gauge for each circuit Audio
  • visual low vacuum alert On
  • board maintenance
  • free vacuum pump 12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge Wheeled stand Manufacturer: Kappel Lifting Capacity: 600/1200/1800 kg Gross Weight: 750 kg Rotation: 210 º Tilting: 90 Pads: 8/16/24 Power: 110v/240v volts
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