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9T Swivel Skip Dual View Dumper (Stage IV)

Product Code: #200227


4925 kg



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9T Swivel Skip Dual View Dumper sets new standards in terms of operator and construction site safety, flexibility and economic efficiency. The dual view concept allows a comfortable and quick change of the seat position through a 180° turn of the entire operating and seat console. In this way, the operator always has perfect vision in the direction of travel - during transportation, loading and unloading. The rotation can be performed conveniently from the driver's seat by simply unlocking the seat console and turning it around. Features: - High driving position, high working position - Optimal view for more safety - Hydrostatic drive - More ease of use thanks to the ergonomic rotary console - Comfort cabin

Indicative Specifications

- Weight 4925kg - Max Engine Power 55.4 / 74.2 kW/hp - Fuel Tank Capacity 80 litres - Skip capacity 4350 litres