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Hired in Plant Insurance


YardLink have teamed up with CGI Insurance Services Ltd as our insurance partner to provide a very competitively priced insurance for our customers. YardLink Hired in Plant insurance is designed to protect our customers from charges under the hiring conditions that may arise in the event of damage, loss or theft of equipment whilst on hire. Customers are not obliged to take out this insurance but every hirer is required to have suitable insurance before any plant or equipment may be hired.

About Our Partner CGI Insurance Services Ltd

CGI Insurance Services has extensive experience in providing all kinds of insurance for contractors such as Public Liability, Employers Liability, Contract All Risks, Contract Works, Professional Indemnity protection and others.
With their knowhow, CGI Insurance Services have created a YardLink Hired in Plant insurance product for our customers with Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd, (Great American). Our insurance offering is competitively priced and has been specifically designed with our customers’ needs in mind to provide protection from charges under the hiring conditions that may arise in the event of damage, loss or theft of equipment whilst on hire.

Limit of Liability and Excesses

Limit of Liability

£50,000 any one claim

Maximum indemnity period (in respect of continuing hire charges)

3 months

Claim Value

Up to £1,000

£1,001 — £2,000

£2,001 — £2,500

£2,501 — £5,000

£5,001 and over







All customers must be able to confirm they meet a standard set of Statements that are applicable to their firm in connection with insurance.To assist every customer we gathered your statements in your account details, where you can update it at any time.
For detailed information, please see the YardLink insurance product documents below.

Why did we choose Great American to be our insurance provider?

We chose Great American through CGI Insurance Services recommendation to be our insurance provider due to their significant global expertise in construction insurance, including over 50 years’ experience in their Construction & Engineering team here within the UK.
Great American possess exceptional knowledge of this particular class of insurance which enables them to offer what we believe to be an efficient, competitive and sustainable solution all backed by their strong financial rating, underwriting expertise and first class service.
Great American International Insurance(UK) Ltd is part of Great American Insurance Group whose roots go back to 1872 with the founding of its flagship company Great American Insurance Company, a company that has carried an“ A” rating or higher by A.M.Best for over 100 years.

Can YardLink provide any other form of protection for hiring customers?

YardLink may be able to provide you with a Damage Waiver if you are suitable for this. Our Damage Waiver is not an insurance product and is charged by us as a fee at 15% of your hire charge.
If you opt for a Damage Waiver and pay for this YardLink will then waive any cost of repairing accidentally damaged equipment and/or any cost for loss or theft of the equipment up to a value of £250,000. Any loss above £250,000 will be the customer’s responsibility. The customer shall always be liable for the first £1,000 of any loss of or damage to hired equipment.

For further details of our Damage Waiver and the Limitations and Excesses please see our Damage Waiver for more information.

For more information on our Bespoke Insurance, please get in touch by calling 020 3642 5223 or email

YardLink Ltd is an Appointed Representative of CGI Insurance Services Ltd, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA).FCA Firm Reference Number(310329).This policy is underwritten by Great American International Insurance(UK) Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority(under registration number 202874).